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From Ken Adachi, Editor
March 10, 2006

This page translated into Belarussian by translator Valerie Bastiaan <>:

This section will serve as the index page for tutorials, articles, and summaries of boosting sessions from Lilly Ochescu <> and other members of the Women Warriors   ( I can't over emphasize the importance of learning about etheric 'resistance' and  how you can affect the course of the planned destruction of America and the abrogation of the fascist, One World government agenda. When I have a bit more time, I will add more information to this introduction page about Lilly and the other members of the Women Warriors, but in the meantime, read the articles posted below and vist Lilly's web site. Become involved and learn how to participate in this forum. It's the most valuable thing you can do to assist in the battle to save America (and the world) from the Illuminati.

Here's a reprint of the Women Warriors Mission Statement:

Mission statement

The Women warriors website was created for the purpose of 'Uniting' people who are motivated by an ideology based on reclaiming the Planet Earth and renewing the covenant we took with our creator as soul beings, to follow his laws exclusively and establish a 'space' for free minded thought, to obtain a higher knowledge and understanding regarding matters relating to the ''Subtle Realms of Existence''.
The pursuit of knowledge being a supreme birthright as members of the Human race .

The term ''Warrior'' is used to describe the Aspirations by which we live, to defend Justice and Truth, through compassion, courage and intelligence, at all costs. To expose falsehood and deception of the enemies of God, Humanity and the Earth.

Our plight is to Free the planet of Tyranny, unite others who feel compelled to do the same, and invite them to learn unique ways of taking back control of our lives and God given rights, until we enter a world where we are living in the natural state of harmony, and the balance in Nature has been restored.

Membership on this forum is by invitation only. However we encourage any free minded man or woman to read the articles and information posted, please feel welcome to ask any questions.



About Lilly

Since she was a child, Lilly remembers having “psychic abilities“ (for a lack of a better term): being able to feel other peoples feelings (empath), “knowing things”, having clear visions, premonitions and dreams about people who were going to die, disasters, events that would have a negative impact on others. She used to run away from these gifts, shutting them off thinking of them as a “curse“.

As her life unfolded mysteriously, Lilly transformed those negative premonitions into blessings receiving the supreme knowledge, spiritual powers and firmness of spirit "empowerments" that have allowed her to change the realities and lives of many around her who were ready to receive empowerments transforming their lives.

After Lilly was rushed into a hospital in Romania, being diagnosed with meningitis and sent home with no chanches of survival, she decided to visit an energy healer recommended by a good friend. The healer was shocked to learn about Lilly’s ability to heal instantaneously (in only one session). During that period of suffering Lilly's spiritual senses opened up fully. That visit had a big impact on Lilly’s life: she “knew” immediately she had the gift of helping people heal themselves and she started pursuing the healing path.

“Years of study and practice, love and compassion for people helped me to attain my goal: become a powerful healer” Lilly says.

Her spiritual path started when she was training in Shotokan karate. The 10 years of training allowed her to develop focus and concentration, physical and mental discipline, which helped her later on in learning and improving healing, meditation, boosting techniques and energy related work. The study and practice of martial arts helped her to achieve the black belt and attain a perception to “see things before they happen“.

Lilly studied with different energy healers and shamans and uses Quantum Touch™ techniques, polarity touch, hands on healing, cranio sacral approaches, spiritual, psychic and intuitive healing, spirit of the plant healing, shamanic healing, sound and chanting healing. Using her abilities to sense or “see” where the problems are in the physical and subtle bodies, she works on balancing the chakras, cleaning and energizing the aura, removing negative entities, energies and curses.

She helped people with different types of cancer, gallbladder, liver, heart, diabetes, pains, sinus problems, misalignments, depression, emotional problems, stress, pregnancy issues, love related problems and more.
Apart from adults, she has done successful work on babies, children and animals.

Lilly also teaches energy boosting, meditation and breathing techniques to improve your life, create abundance, protect from psychic attacks, locate etheric hooks/cords, and find implants in the body and whenever possible remove them.

Click here for what people have to say about Lilly’s healing work.

Lilly has also been blessed with the gift of dolphin and whale communication.

Lilly is also a yogini and certified yoga teacher who studied under Saul David Raye and Shiva Rea. Providing a holistic approach to the mind, body, and spirit, her yoga classes bring you into alignment with your own personal potential to heal, strengthen and grow spiritually. Lilly’s classes are an combination of various healing and spiritual modalities making them intuitive, insightful and uplifting. She is known for her gifts to empowering people, being positive and motivational.

When she came across orgone energy, Lilly put her psychic-healing abilities and passion for gemstones and crystals to work, designing Powerful unique orgone spiritual gifts and healing jewelry which helped many people heal physically and emotionally, connecting more deeply with their own authentic power and spirit, protect and enliven their homes and environment. Her orgone magickal creations are empowered with the sacred knowledge she received along the years. Please visit orgone energy (orgonite) creations and testimonials.

Together with her husband, Lilly traveled to mystical, spiritual and sacred places, tropical islands, meeting, learning and receiving empowerments and attunements from spiritual teachers, holy people, mystics, lamas, shamans, energy healers, tantric priests, light workers.

Lilly offers retreats and sacred journeys to powerful places on Earth.
If you are interested in empowerments, visit Psychic Sisters EMPOWERMENTS.

Lilly together with a group of beautiful souls in human form works on helping the environment gets its balance, by use of orgone (orgonite) blessings and “collective boosting sessions“. Learn more about their orgone (orgonite) related adventures in the forum section.

Lilly is deeply grateful for the grace and gifts given to her by Mother nature and her teachers.

If you like to schedule a healing or yoga session please contact us.

Disclaimer:The information and products contained on this website are for research purposes only and should not be construed as medical recommendations for any disease or symptom. It is not intended to provide medical advice. We do not diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions. Consult the appropriate healthcare professionals on any matter relating to your health and well-being.

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