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Red Elk

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
June 6, 2003

Update July 2, 2015: John in the Netherlands notified me that Red Elk died on June 26, 2015. He had diabetes and was not well for a few years. His advanced consciousness and humanity had a positive effect on millions of people around the world and he deserves our thanks. He set a good example for what rigth-thinking people ought to be doing with their lives: helping others who need a guiding hand when they are too young or too inexperienced to steer a correct course on their own. Red Elk Passed Away on June 26, 2015 (July 2, 2015)

Update December 13, 2013 from Ken Adachi: I've just been informed by John in the Netherlands that Red Elk's former domain name,, has been taken over by another group and his material is no longer there. His current web site is

Red ElkRed Elk is a 72 year old Heyokha medicine man who has tried to help a lot of people over the years in his own way. He did many radio shows with Art Bell and others in the early 2000s. His info concerning coming cataclysmic events has not been 100% accurate in all areas, but his sincerity and desire to help mankind has always been 100% and unfailing. He's not doing well physically and needs help from people such as yourself because we have the ability to create healing with our minds and our hearts working together.

Take a few minutes to get into a quiet state of mind and VISUALIZE a flowing, white healing light going into Red Elk's body and seeking out all of the areas in his body where he has infection or debilitation of function that is causing him to experience pain and discomfort. VISUALIZE that flowing, viscous white light infiltrating all of his bodily cells, tissue, bones, sinews, and organs and causing a transmutation of unhealthy cells into healthy, fully functioning cells. Visualize any infective organism, whether parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, etc. being overtaken and succumbing to this white healing light and COMMAND that these debilitating and parasitic organism no longer reproduce themselves in his body so he can recover his health completely. COMMAND that any negative spirit, or entity, or alien being that is adversely affecting his health and well being to CEASE interfering with his life force and to permanently leave his aura, his body, and his environment and to NEVER return to plague him again.

Do these visualization daily when you are in a quiet and meditative state of mind (E.g. when you first wake up or when going to sleep). Ask our Divine Father and the Heavenly Host and medicine men of the Spirit World to assist you in helping to heal the body and spirit of Red Elk. Send him your love; send him your healing energy. Repay him for the good he has achieved with others. He deserves it.

Red Elk's web site is

Through The Eyes Of An Ant by Red Elk (Dec. 3, 2008)

Red Elk’s Medicine Message Of Worlds Within Worlds: Old Mysteries, Powerful Truths For Today

Red Elk Interview with Spectrum magazine on Coming Changes (important information)

Spectrum Magazine Interview with Red Elk April 2002

Red Elk's Warning on "Lifting Veils" (April 26, 2003)

The False Rapture (Excerpted interview with Red Elk March 8, 2002)

  Red Elk radio interviews on the Internet:

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Hello Ken,

Here's Red Elk's latest interview on Coast to Coast in mp3 format. The sound quality isn't good but his words can still be understood.

Take care,
Maurice Valente


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