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Police with Tasers

Sanctioned Torture & Summary Execution In America

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
June 27, 2005

Sanctioned Torture & Summary Execution In America (June 27, 2005)

Radio interview:

April 2, 2008. Ken Adachi & Don Nicoloff review the horrendous story of TASER abuse by police in America. Hundreds of non threatening, innocent citizens are tasered to death yearly by inhuman, federally-trained Robocops over "nothing" issues. TASER guns must be banned in this country. But it won't happen until the people of this country stop tolerating these 50,000 volt instruments of torture and summary execution by electrocution.

I posted an article ( dated June 23, 2005 which reported that 105 people were killed in North America within the first 3 months of 2005 by police using 'non-lethal' high voltage TASER guns. It was shocking enough to read that 70 people were killed in North America in 2004 from being tasered by police, but now that number has been exceeded by 25% and ii was only the first quarter of 2005.

The public needs to become aware of this new, lethal abuse from police personnel who are suppose to protect the public, not torture and summarily execute people because they don't "comply" quickly enough when ordered to do this or that. It was predictable that this abuse would ensue as more and more police departments in Britain and America started distributing this high tech torture device to the rank and file last year.

The use of TASER guns by police departments across America must come to an end

We cannot trust police personnel or their supervisors or their police chiefs to use these weapons judiciously, sparingly, and with reservation in order to subdue only those offenders who present a real threat of serious bodily injury (or death) and cannot be subdued by any other means, using more traditional and 'non-lethal' means of restraint-like a few cops jumping on the guy and physically overpowering him.

When you read the commentary from police spokesmen who attempt to minimize and dismiss this new threat when answering reporters questions, you can see from their words that they are impressed with and intoxicated by the newly realized power and intimidation factor gleaned from using Flash Gordon weaponry.

Police department apologists apparently aren't willing to own up to the fact that in the vast majority of these cases, harmless and relatively innocent people are being tasered and sometimes killed because they hadn't responded quickly enough to some 'compliance' order being barked at them by a policeman! Never mind that the person being tasered may not have understood, or heard, or even realized what was being said to him. Immediate 'compliance' is the order of the day today with Officer Rambo and too bad if you get killed for not obeying police 'orders' quickly enough!

Transforming Office Friendly into Officer Rambo

Gradually, the hidden hand of the Illuminati has been converting city police departments across America into organizations staffed with personnel that are coming to more closely resemble the police of Stalin's era or that of former East Germany. We no longer have the friendly policeman walking the beat in America. He was the sort of cop who was treated with respect by everyone in the neighborhood- not out of fear- but rather from a sense of admiration and welcome for the heightened sense of security that ensued in the wake of his presence.

In my youth, I can remember how I would often stop to kibitz or joke with that sort of cop who walked my blue collar, big city neighborhood- always twirling a brown baton (before it was changed to the satanically inspired color of black). You had no reason to fear him because he didn't do anything to warrant your fear or anxiety. He behaved and acted appropriately for the security environment at hand.

If you were law abiding, he was friendly, polite, and always helpful. If you were a teenage wise guy and tried to push your luck, you might get a mild, low key verbal rebuke from Officer Friendly, but that would be the end of it. And if you were a criminal and were caught in the act of committing a crime, you were collared by hand (usually by a single cop) and taken away in a squad car to be booked downtown. In those days, American police almost NEVER shot people-even those criminals caught with a gun in their hand. They told the person holding the gun to "drop it" and put their hands in the air. If he didn't cooperate, they would continue to talk to him and say something like : "it's all over", or "there's no use;. you're caught-give it up" , or "you can't get away, just drop the gun and no one will get hurt", etc. Most perpetrators would surrender right away, but for those few exceptions who wouldn't, the cop(s) would continue to talk to him and wear him down psychologically and he eventually gave up. Experienced cops sometimes used comedy to break the tension and relax the atmosphere. It might take 15 minutes or an hour or 3 hours, but it worked. There was a sense of humanity present and the cops of that era would generally behave in a way to lower tension and neutralize aggressiveness.

The criminal was taken into custody without harm, the cops went home unharmed and everyone got to see another day. It was the norm for most policemen to refrain from shooting an individual unless the person started shooting first. I don't know whether it was a written rule or a rule that was tacitly understood, but most city cops abided by it.

Even criminals generally didn't harbor a hostility or hatred towards cops because cops- at that time- behaved ethically for the most part. They used just enough force to justify the circumstances and no more. Cops generally behaved like human beings and treated people, even criminals, like human beings. They got good results because people respond positively to humane temperament and consideration. Today, however, we no longer have cops who behave like human beings.

Today's cops are often actively recruited from the ranks of ex-military special forces.

Just go to the web site of any average size city police department in America and read the bio notes on the younger officers. You will see the military background come up again and again-and again. You will also notice how proud, even small town police departments are of their very own SWAT teams, as they just love to pose for group photos showing off their spiffy black combat boots, bloused pants, flax jackets, and M16 assault rifles-symbolic of America's growing legions of MILITARIZED police. You don't need an extensive study by the Rand Corporation to see that the standards for character qualifications, criminal background, education, and physical attributes for current day police have been lowered- dramatically.

Update September 21, 2007

Amnesty International said in their 2006 report on Taser guns that there are now over 7,000 police departments across America who now use TASER guns. The death count from police using TASERs has risen to over 270 people killed.  

Citizens must organize locally and force local mayors and city council members to order their police departments to abandon the use of Taser guns.

Without an organized grassroots campaign to stop the use of TASER guns by police, the incidents of electronic torture and death among the most vulnerable (mentally disabled, elderly, children, alcohol or drug impaired, etc) within our communities will only rise-year by year. This abomination MUST end. .

April 2, 2008 Radio Interview

You can listen to a one hour and twenty minute radio interview I did with radio host Don Nicoloff over BBS Radio on April 2, 2008. Tthe entire show was devoted to the topic of TASER killings and police abuse of TASER guns. Our interview starts at the 4 minute mark, after Don reviews upcoming guests for his radio show, Evident Footprints. You can download the mp3 file and listen to it from your computer or load it onto your MP3 player (the file is 1.9 megs)

Ken Adachi

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Amnesty International Full 2004 Report on TASER Abuse (Nov. 30, 2004)

pdf version:$File/AMR5113904.pdf

(Note: The pdf version of the 2004 includes the names of the people who had died from police TASER guns from 2001 up to a month before the report was published. Look in the appendix section at the back of the pdf. The html version does not include the names of those who died )

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Subject: Police Taser
Date: Thu, June 2, 2011 4:21 pm
To: Ken Adachi

Be a police officer for a day. Let someone point a gun at you and see if you would shot or talk to you want to risk them shooting you? Lets think about it...If someone is going to attack you why should a police officer engage in a brawl when they can simply tase them and it is over.

Your claims are unproven and taken out of are allowing a few miss happens represent all of police. If an individual is druged up and dies after being tased that is not the fault of the officer or the taser. The most important thing is officer and public saftey. It a dope boy or criminal gets tased it is 5 seconds of pain with no after effect with the exceptions, they fall on an object, hit there head, or die to the amount of drugs in their system...either of these is better than an officer or an innicident person being hurt. It is ingorance, like in your article, that harms America today.



Dear "yourarestupid",

Phew ...I simply can't imagine someone throwing around the word ignorance and "innicident person" in the same sentence.

It's not really necessary to compose a rebuttal to your letter, since you've already done it for me, but I'll add a few thoughts to what you've already made plain.

For starters, you lack the recognition that a cop (which I assume you are), is being paid by taxpayers in order to serve and protect; not to brutalize and bully.

Your obvious insensitivity to the value of human life, and the rights of citizens to be treated with humaneness and a sense of fair proportion in terms of police response, is not even on the radar screen for you.

The first statement you make is "Let someone point a gun at you" yada, yada. But the reality is that among the tens of thousands of people who routinely get tasered by police in this country (some of them dying and some of them left with permanent neurological damage, and ALL of them with psychological damage) almost NONE of them were holding a gun.

If fact, if they were holding a gun, the police wouldn't be taking out their TASER guns, because they would have already shot the guy --multiple times--with the gun that has bullets in it. You know that. I know that. And everyone reading this knows that.

"Lets think about it"

That's a hot one.

"Thinking" is the last thing that America's modern NWO Robo Cop does. Unthinking and unjustified over-reaction is what we get far too often from police who have no sense of proportion; and no recognition of the freedoms guaranteed to citizens under the US Constitution.

If all we were dealing with were a few "miss happens," no one would be complaining. The reason that you find so many articles, stories, documentaries, videos, web sites and organizations devoted to addressing the issue of police brutality is because the problem has reached epidemic proportions; and no end in sight.

It's not hard to see what's taken place here. Today, police recruits are mostly chosen from the ranks of ex-military with combat experience. The same desensitization to suffering, dehumanization, and psyche indifference training that they received in the military continues at the police academy and the many federally funded "security enhancement" training weekends they get from federal agencies like the FBI and DHS.

The citizens of Everytown, America have become the "enemy" for a growing army of NWO Robo Cops. Mr. Joe Blow is viewed with suspicion and a sort of casual disdain, which is why many cops privately refer to the public as "sheep." The citizen is someone to be spoken to with a sort of phony veneer of civility by repeatedly using the word "sir", but usually winds up being treated like an indentured slave-or worse.

It's no problem "proving" my claims of police brutality because the newspapers are filled with the mega-million dollar lawsuit settlements that are paid each year--borne by the taxpaying public of course-- to the families of victims of police brutality due to over-reaction, misconduct, or criminal intent. If the cops themselves who were responsible for the brutality, had to pay the settlement, police brutality would stop overnight. Police thugs or police murderers never pay a price, execpt in a few highly politicized cases like the BART cop who shot a handcuffed man. Only the local taxpayer and the victim pay the price for police brutality.

"The most important thing is officer and public saftey."

I saved this one to the end. You're not concerned about public "saftey" my cowardly friend. And you never have been, at least not in modern times. I remember how cops behaved in the 1950s and 60's. They acted like human beings then. They saw themselves as a member of the SAME public they strove to protect, and they proved it with their conduct. The modern American Robo cop is something else.

Cops who abuse the very citizens whom they were sworn to protect will themselves gather their own just rewards and pay a price, whether I write about it or not. It's called karma and you can't get away from it.

Ken Adachi.


Subject: Good article
From: Dave
Date: Fri, June 1, 2007
To: Editor

I read your article, "Sanctioned torture..." about the use of TASER weapons by police, and I agree entirely that the overuse of such weapons betrays an overtly authoritarian militarization of police tactics.

I understand this metamorphasis because I was on active duty for eight years in the USAF, and I knew many security police personnel. Though most were competent, and were able to reign-in their lust for authority, a few could not suppress their urge to lord what limited power they had over the populations of military members. (Barney Fife was an excellent parody of these types. The usual Security Police candidate flunked out of Mess Kit Repair School)

Their moronic displays of hyper-enforcement usually resulted in their embarrassment, and grudging apologies toward their prey. People like that should not be allowed to perform police-type duties outside the perimeter fence, much less inside the fence. And yet, municiple governments have created a hiring environment which emphasizes military-police experience as a pre-requisite of work history. Once a "Barney" is loosed upon the civilian population, the perimeter fence has effectively been extended around civilian territory.

This same environment has been created in the FAA, DoD civilian agencies, Homeland Security agencies, airlines, and government contracting firms. It is as pervasive as it is inevitable. Military authoritarian morons gravitate to civilian authoritarian positions like a duck to water.

Unfortunately for us fish, these predators perceive no difference between their military small ponds, and large civilian sanctuaries.



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