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By Ken Adachi <>

This NWO News page was created to organize under one heading, the many seemingly unrelated stories from around the globe that are actually the planned and scripted machinations of the New World Order Gang to have things their way. The level of misinformation and disinformation applied through mainstream media  are designed to deceive you into arriving at the conclusion that the NWO planners from the Tavistock Institute in London wish you to arrive at.

We'll begin this page with Reports From Peru. In March of 2000, I was contacted by an American living in Peru named Richard Deegan. Rich asked me if I would be interested in receiving reports from him on the NWO activities in Peru and perhaps other South American countries. I responded that, yes indeed, I would be interested in reading what he had to say. His dispatches started coming in, and what interesting reports they turned out to be! You can read all of them by clicking on the link below (reports organized by date).

News Items are articles lifted from the wire and news services that inform you of the propaganda and deception that the NWO Liars expect you to accept as honest news.

Pam Schuffert came to my attention through the efforts of Ron Garon. Pam is the daughter of the late Jake Schuffert, a well known cartoonist for the Air Force who was also a military-connected Satanist invlolved in many satanic murder rituals. Jake  renounced his satanic allegiance near the end of his life and become converted to Christianity. He confirmed to Pam that many in the Pentagon and the military services in general are involved in satanic activities and are allied with NWO forces planning the implementation of martial law and roundup/internment/extermination of millions of American citizens designated as "opponents of the New World Order".

The Coming Police State documents the steady loss of constitutional liberties and the escalating dismantling of freedom in America.

The Brotherhood and The Manipulation of Society by Ivan Fraser and Mark Beeston is a ten  part series of well written articles explaining the makeup and organization of the Illuminati elites who are behind the New World Order scheme. An excellent tutorial.

The Illuminati Agenda is the most absorbing and accurate overview of the Illuminati plot for world takeover that I've ever read. It's the transcript of a 1967 recording produced by Myron C. Fagan that has distilled the details of an extremely long and complicated story down to a 30 minute read. If you read nothing else at this web site, read this overview. It's superb.

Scan This News is the brainchild of Scott McDonald who has been trying to warn the American public of the  tightening NWO  noose effected by the illegal and inappropriate use of the social secuity number as a de facto national ID system.

Letters To the Editor are essays sent in by readers with their thoughts concerning the New World Order.

1. Reports From Peru

2. News Items

3. Pam Schuffert Reports

4.The Coming Police State

5. Gestapo America

6. The Brotherhood

7. The Illuminati Agenda

8. Scan This News

9. Letters to the Editor


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