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Update, Jan. 1, 2012 Many changes have taken place since I first organized these links nearly 14 years ago. I will be reviewing each link listed here and will likely add new ones that have come on line since originally organizing this list. I'll continue to keep Dr Hulda Clark's link at the top of the list, desite the fact that Hulda Clark passed away on September 3, 2009. Her books, in my opinion, are the best source in print for learning how to take care of all health considerations yourself--at home. Relying on orthodox, allopathic medicine is the worst mistake in judgment you can possibly make. Orthodox Medicine is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the pharmaceutical giants, and the pharmaceuticals are all about making money--at your expense, health, and longevity. If you live long enough, you will eventually acquire that understanding. How extensively you damage your body, in the meantime, by trusting in allopathic medicine, is your decision.

Avoid taking pharmaceutical drugs long term as a means of "managing" your health problems. You are damaging your body and overloading your liver with unnecessary toxins which will eventually come back at you. Find out WHY you are having that health problem and CURE it with Nature based medicine and therapies. MMS is a good choice for an all around infection and disease fixer.

Learn from Hulda's book how the body actually functions and how to heal the body of any disease condition by learning to work in sympathy and alliance with Nature. In so doing, you can keep money, keep your body parts, and most importantly, keep your health safe and secure.


Vaccine Dangers

New World Order

Aliens and UFO


Mind Control/ Psychotronics


Free Energy:

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Search Engines

Avoid Google at all cost. It's no longer a "search engine". It is a vehicle for censorship, data mining, user tracking, and Pro-Jewish Zionist political manipulation. You will not find honest search results there for any anti-Zionist alternative news web site, including

The only honest search engines I found are:


Mind, Body, Spirit


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