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Depleted Uranium

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
May 2006

There is nothing 'depleted' about depleted uranium. It gives off ionizing radiation which damages DNA and genes. The damage can be seen most readily with cells that are dividing and growing rapidly-like  those in a human embryo. The deliberate decision to employ DU munitions is a crime against humanity, as the aftermath of DU dispersion was surely known to Pentagon planners. The intention was both genocidal and political in nature.

Beyond the population reduction agenda, the Illuminati wants to create unbridled HATRED again the people and military forces of the United States so they can get their Middle East Armageddon style war into full gear-which will EXHAUST the American military and make the home front vulnerable to the control of Russian and Chinese troops who are already secretly billeted here. The Illuminati goal is to DESTROY America and they are doing it on multiple fronts. The idea here is to characterize the US military as the most hated organization in uniform since Hitler's storm troopers Blitzkrieged their way across Europe. The physical, emotional and psychological trauma experienced by American soldiers returning from Iraq also needs to be publicized and ventilated more so that we can get more students and concerned citiznes out in the streets protesting this unnecessary war and reign in the Pentagon and the Illuminated cretins in the White House and congress.

Americans need to swamp their legislators with protest letters demanding a law that BANS the use of DU for all time. On a more hopeful note, it has come to my attention that it may be possible to REVERSE the cellular damage effects of radiation and return the cell to a 'normal', undamaged state. This may seem hard to believe, but Wilhelm Reich discovered many new and fascinating things about ionization radiation and its effects on the body in his famous Oranur Experiment. I'll expand on this idea in another article

Ken Adachi

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