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Wifi, Smart Phone, Cell Phones, & Smart Meter Radiation Dangers

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
June 30, 2008, Updated Sep 5, 2020

Wifi, Smart Phone, Cell Phones, & Smart Meter Radiation Dangers

This page will serve as an index page for all articles found at this web site explaining the dangers to human health from the use of cell (mobile) phones. The first article by Arthur Firstenberg will explain the fundamentals clearly enough so that an introductory explanation from me is unnecessary.

However, I will at least remind you, that if you have young children or even teenagers, do NOT allow them to use a cell phone if you want to see them live to a ripe old age. Educate yourself on the dangers so you can explain the dangers rationally and they won't think of you as a stick-in-the-mud who would deny them something that all of their friends take for granted as a "necessity". If you love your kids, you will want to protect them.

By time the majority of the world wakes up to the grave dangers of placing a cell phone next to your ear for a few hours each day, it may be too late to undo the damage and millions nay suffer a premature death due to the foolish assumption that microwave energy is harmless. 

Articles on the Dangers of Wifi, Cell Phones, Smart Meters and Exposure to Microwave Energy

Smart Meters, Smart Phones & Microwave Dangers

Why Do Millions of People Continue to Use Smart Phones & WiFi Devices When the Health Damaging Effects Are So Well Known? (March 27, 2015)Germany Spain Netherlands France...etc.

The Health Risks of WiFi Devices Such as Smart Phones Are Being Willfully Ignored by Millions. Are You Among the Damned? (Dec. 20, 2014) Germany Spain Netherlands France...etc.

France Passes Tepid Law to Regulate Microwave Exposure (Jan. 30, 2015) Germany Spain Netherlands France...etc.

Google Glass (Wireless eyewear) Emits More Radiation Than Most Smart Phones (August 25, 2014)

Electric Utilities and Government Lie About the Adverse Health Effects of "Smart Grid" and "Smart Meter" Radiation (July 30, 2014) Germany Spain Netherlands France...etc.

Innovative Breakthrough: Russian LiFi System Uses Light to Transmitt Wireless Data Faster Than Wifi in Office, School, or Home, Yet Poses No Radiation Dangers & No Eavesdropping Vulnerability (July 5, 2014) Germany Spain Netherlands France...etc.

Market Newsletter Predicts Huge Population Die Off in 2020-2029 Among Young People Foolishly Addicted to Wifi & Microwave Devices (June 27, 2014)

Toxic Wifi Radiation Continues Even When Ipads, Ipods, etc Are Turned Off (May 17, 2014) Germany Spain Netherlands France...etc.

Slowly Waking Up in Toronto: "Could WiFi in schools be harming our kids?" (May 15, 2014)

The Dangers of Smart Meters & the Trojan Horse Called "Sustainable Development" (Agenda 21 subversion) April 24, 2013

WiFi & Cell Phones Pose a Much Greater Danger Than Most People Realize; Find Out the Facts (July 3, 2012 Germany Spain Netherlands France...etc

Inexpensive Method To Shield a Room Against Microwave Energy (Jan 9, 2012)

How can I shield my Smart meter? (July 15, 2011)

WiFi Dangers

Scientific Papers Show Adverse Biological Effects + Damage to Health from Wi-Fi (Oct. 31, 2013)

Microwaves: The Radiation Poisoning of America (Oct. 8, 2007)

Cell Phones And Wireless Dangers - The Fundamentals (Oct 7, 2007)

Cell Phone Radiation Poses a Serious Biologic Health Risk by Dr. Neil Cherry (Nov. 19, 2007)

Microwaves: The Radiation Poisoning of America (Oct. 8, 2007)

Cell Phones And Wireless Dangers - The Fundamentals (Oct 7, 2007)

Need a Cooker? Use Your Cell Phone! (May 30, 2006)

Dr. George Carlo Disavows Efficacy of BioPro as EMR Shield (April 2, 2008)

Radio Shows on Microwave Dangers

Ken Adachi, ZSL & Don Nicoloff in Conversation Nov. 1, 2011 (Nov. 5, 2011) Smart Meters Part 1

Ken Adachi, ZSL & Don Nicoloff in Conversation Nov. 3, 2011 (Nov. 5, 2011) Smart Meters Part 2

Intro~ Don hints at secret archeological dig he was involved with and Sharia law hotel conference disrupted by hidden Zionist agitators hoping to stimulate controversy and animosity towards Muslims.
Main theme~Ken's shocking discovery of the incredibly high levels of microwave radiation being emitted 24/7 by recently installed Smart Meters (Oct. 2011) in his neighborhood that needs to understood by all citizens in order to create sufficiant political and litigation pressure to force a discontinutation of deadly Smart meters and a return to safe, analog metering.

Ken Adachi, ZSL & Don Nicoloff in Conversation Nov. 4, 2011 (Nov. 9, 2011) Smart Meters Part 3

(Selected earlier radio shows, including Smart Meters, available on the Radio Index page:

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