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"Hope inspires people and makes them achieve sometimes impossible victories. Dark forces hate hope, and by all means they try to uproot hope from the hearts of people. When hope is cut off, man turns into a slave of dark forces or the slave of chaos. A hopeless person is like a trapped animal in the hands of his physical, emotional, and mental enemies "...Torkom Saraydarian

By Torkom Saraydarian
April 24, 2006

Hope by Torkom Saraydarian (1991)

Chapter 4
Earthquakes & Disasters, What the Ageless Wisdom Tells Us (1991) *

One wonders why in our recent psychology and psychiatry there cannot be found any serious study or discussion about hope. Hope certainly has a great effect on our emotions, our glands, and our behavior. Hope can change the chemistry of the secretions of the glands and the condition of the blood circulation. It releases energy from certain etheric centers and gives us courage and strength, bringing great changes in our electromagnetic field or aura.

Hope creates a frame of mind in which man searches and strives continuously to find a solution, and because of such a positive tension, his Higher Self responds and brings the needed light

Hope prevents negative thoughtforms from building themselves within your aura. Negative thoughtforms are the cause of many failures. Hope creates a sphere of consciousness in which negative thoughtforms cannot breed. When the consciousness is free from negative thoughtforms, higher impressions can reach it and register themselves upon it.

Most of our failures are the result of defeatist or failure thoughtforms. We not only create them, but we import them from our friends and enemies. Imported and created failure thoughtforms literally eat and destroy any positive or constructive thoughtform. Many people try to be successful; but when success approaches, they give up because the failure thoughtforms reverse the gears on their path.

Hope prevents such an action. It not only nourishes the constructive thoughtforms, but also broadcasts them, thus creating a magnetic atmosphere around you.

Hope continues even if you attain the object you hoped for. Hope leaves you and enters a different dimension and makes you search for it. Thus you are led from one dimension to another because of the hope. that is attainable and because of a hope that is still unattainable.

On the other hand, when you see the evaporation of your hope, hope does not vanish but appears from another comer in another form and encourages you to follow its steps. Thus whether you attain your hope or lose it, it is always in Pandora's jar.

The power of hope is based on the fact that it is not an attribute but rather the feeling of the existence of the True Self, dancing and playing with every object of hope, hiding and reappearing behind every interest to challenge you for your future. Hope is the voice of the future, the thread of the True Self, pulling up His reflection which is wandering in the lower worlds. This is the reason why hope is always there whether it is met or it is lost A person, a group, or a nation advances by hope. Hope creates a proper atmosphere in which growth and development become possible.

There are three kinds of influential people:

1. The fIrst kind are those who speak about doom, about final destruction, about annihilation; who pump fear into the hearts of people, using fear to control or exploit them. These people can be found everywhere, talking about the shifting of the axis of the Earth, about floods and earthquakes, and about the numerous diseases which are supposedly going to engulf humanity. Some of these people are false prophets. Some of them are pessimists. Some of them have hidden interests behind their words. They spread poison, and this poison affects your nervous system and your heart and breaks off the wings of your soul.

2. The second kind of people are those who are very rosy and goody-goody. Everything is beautiful and just right for them. They are satisfied with life. No matter what happens, they feel safe, content, and happy; and they sleep under the blanket of their goodiness until the flood comes and dumps them into the ocean. One of my Teachers used to say that such people enter hell in their sleep. Such people allow evil to spread roots and branch out in such an immensity that people of goodwill find themselves incapable of fighting against it and stopping its growth. Because of their goodiness, they indirectly encourage those kinds of activities which eventually lead people into destruction. Such people are not only optimistic fools, but also cowards, who hide behind their selfish interests and let evil grow around them.

3. The third kind of people are those who see the danger, the corruption, the pollution, and the evil of totalitarianism and take conscious action to prevent its expansion, without pessimism but with inflamed optimism. They see the situation clearly. They see the difficulties and obstacles on the path. They see the growing power of evil; but they never lose their hope of victory over evil. They have the experience that the opportunity of progress comes when there are crises and obstacles, against which man walks with hope and determination to win the victory. This third kind of people belongs to the race of heroes. They know that in unexpected hours the help reaches them and that on the edge of the abyss the hand touches them. They feel that all events going on upon Earth are watched by Higher Forces. They know that there exist higher resources of energy which, in unexpected times, come to the rescue.

The substance of hope makes such rescue-work possible. Hope provides the right atmosphere through which the~ fIres of Space reach us. It is not pessimism or sickening optimism that provides such a channel, but real hope - which is the foundation of true optimism.

Unfortunately, our daily newspapers and radio and television programs perpetuate the pessimistic spirit and day and night nourish it with their gloomy news and with movies of violence and destruction. After reading your morning paper and listening to the news on your television, you fill yourself with the spirit of pessimism and negativity; you lose your hope for life; and all day your body produces poison or imperil. Once you poison yourself, your handshake becomes poisonous; your smell becomes poisonous. To whatever you touch, you impart poison. You carry poison into your office, workshop, and home. Day after day you increase your poison, and eventually you defeat yourself with your pessimism.

Those people who change crises into a process of purifIcation and opportunities for transformation, victory, and achievement are called "the hopes" of the nation and the world, who stand in front of humanity as paths leading toward greater achievements, new courage, daring, and striving. In reading and hearing about such people, we are filled with new hope and we think, "If they achieved, if they conquered in those difficult conditions, we, too, can achieve and conquer." Thus we become a source of hope for ourselves and for others.

When darkness descends on our path; when we are lost in the dark nights of our lives; when we feel that all is lost in the chaos; we still see a distant light, the light of hope - which shines and inspires us to forge ahead and achieve victory. That distant light is our Inner Guide, Who passed many dark nights and Who knows that each one of us must fight for his own victory.

Hope is a subconscious and superconscious confidence that all possibilities exist. While your concrete mind gives up, your subjective mind still searches for a solution or an answer. Such a labor is called hoping for. I imagine the act of hoping as a torch carried in your right hand in darkness through intriguing caves, to find the passage leading to the sunlight.
Challenge for Discipleship, pp. 488-490

The psychological and physiological effects of hope are:

balance of mind
stability in confusing conditions
control over negative elements within us and around us
physical strength
better circulation of the blood
courage and daring
regulation of the glands and the functions
of the organs

Hope creates spiritual magnetism, which draws inspiration or clear direction from Higher Sources. Hope keeps the vision of achievement in our hearts in spite of all conditions and thus keeps alive our aspiration toward the vision. Our hope can have a very positive effect on people who are hindering our success. It melts away their negative ~ttitudes and creates an urge in them to open our way and,. help our efforts to fulfill our destiny. For example, if I hope that I will be able to cooperate with a certain person, I naturally send him thoughts of cooperation. Those thoughts gradually weaken his negative attitude toward me, and he eventually cooperates with me. Hope reaches his soul, and his soul washes away personality antagonism.

Hope is psychic energy. It uses thought constructively. Hopeless thoughts never reach their destination. Hope changes the currents of energy from destructive toward constructive ends. Hope gives the possibility to Higher Forces to reach you, to impress you, and to guide you. Hopelessness is like living under a thick fog: the rescuers cannot see you from the mountaintop. Hope gives a signal to Higher Forces to reach you and strengthen you.

When you are full of hope, you combat against all ugly and defeatist thoughtforms sent by dark forces and by failed friends or enemies. These thoughtforms cannot penetrate and control your thinking as long as your hope is alive. Once a few thieves were planning to rob a house. After they had climbed the fence and gotten into the yard, one said, "There is a light on inside. Someone is awake. We can't do it today." And they turned back. Hope is like that light in the house which repels the thieves.

Hope sends signals to friends on Earth and in Higher Worlds to hasten to our rescue. It creates communication lines between people and worlds. Hope strives to the end, and each end turns into a beginning. One day people will see on a screen how hope creates harmonious and colorful brain waves and stabilizes disturbed auras, creating health, happiness, a cooperative spirit, and joy.

Hope inspires people and makes them achieve sometimes impossible victories. Dark forces hate hope, and by all means they try to uproot hope from the hearts of people. When hope is cut off, man turns into a slave of dark forces or the slave of chaos. A hopeless person is like a trapped animal in the hands of his physical, emotional, and mental enemies.

Hope turns into a destructive tension when freedom is taken away. Hopeless people serve the forces of destruction. Try to see positive elements in any person or event. Know that often negative elements are servants to positive elements. One type of people says, "This event is absolute "evil and extremely bad." Others'say, "Oh, that is nothing. It didn't bring harm to me. It happened many times, and it may happen again." The third type of people say, "Well, the causes of this event are as follows . . . and we can eliminate such events by taking the following steps. . .

In the fIrst case, people are caught in the arms of the octopus of the bad event. They are frozen and motionless, and they conclude that it is the end of the world. In the second case, people are indifferent to the suffering, loss, and aftershocks; and they are content because they think that the event had no effect on them. In the third case, people realize the seriousness of the event, but they can see a way out of it. They try to think how similar events can be prevented and how such events can be utilized to bring out a new way for which the world was searching and put it into action for the benefit of people.

Hope is not an emotional attitude, but a clear mental and intuitive insight, charged with courage and determination to achieve. Every time we read our newspapers we say, "That is it. The end is not far away." This is how we slide downhill and lose our hope.

Every event is the result of certain causes. It is possible to initiate new causes to change the causes of future events. Sometimes the accumulated causes must manifest, to clear the sky for a new sunshine. The evolution of the planet cannot be stopped by the conflict between the fleas living on its skin. It is possible that a worldwide catastrophe may take place, but it will not be the end. Maybe it will be a new beginning. Maybe the consciousness of man will expand enough to totally change his instinct to fight and his glamor of separatism and seJf-interest. Great truths often reveal themselves in great shocks.

Hope will never leave us. It remained in the bottom of Pandora's jar. It is the foundation on which we build our lives.

Once a psychiatrist came and said to me, "I am really tired. I cannot face the condition on Earth. I see global destruction. I don't want to live any more."

I said, "I see the condition exactly as you see it, but I see something deeper."

"What is it?"

"In such a condition, we could continue poisoning and killing all planetary life, but because of this condition we can now see how and why we created it and how we can change it.One who escapes meeting the challenge is less courageous and less intelligent than one who does not give up and fights to the end. You may choose one of these paths. Have hope. In the darkest hours of our life, doors will be opened and humanity will enter a new life. Such doors exist for those who do not give up hope."

Torkom Saraydarian

Through labor we give birth to that which is greater than what we are before the labor.
Labor helps us to transcend ourselves.

*ISBN 0-911794-63-8


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