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December 21, 2014

Today is the shortest day of the year. The sun has been obscured by chemtrails by mid-afternoon for the past week or so. It's a let down since I've been hoping to sun gaze for an hour each day. I'll be writing a short article soon on my impressions of sun gazing (which you can learn a lot more about by doing a search at Youtube). I haven't seen many chemtrail overcast skies in my area since maybe 2002. Typically, the sylphs would come in very fast and gobble them up quickly before an overcast could form, but I don't see that level of vigorous sylph activity lately. However, I expect it will only be a temporary lull.

I originally started a page a few years ago titled "Daily Blog." I wanted to have a place to express random thoughts and observations that would pop into my head daily without taking the time to write a formal article about any single topic. I decided to reactivate the idea and try to post a few thoughts on a daily, or near daily basis.

The Radio
I hear statements on my little portable radio everyday that makes me shake my head because the propaganda and factual distortions are just so blatant. I'll jump back and forth from AM to FM talk shows to try to find something that's at least interesting. Here and there, I'll hear an interview that's satisfying and it renews my enthusiam, but most of the time it's propaganda or one sort or another. AM radio talk shows hosts are the worst of the worst. ABC at 790 AM is just ridiculous and I can't keep listening for more than a few minutes. I won't even try to find CBS anymore, a total waste of time. I usually listen to the John Kobel & Ken Shampo show on KFI, 640AM. They're OK for exposing local politcal corruption or police killings of innocent people, but for national hoaxes like Ebola, or pro-pharmaceutical issues like "get your vaccination" BS, they're government party line all the way.

There aren't many FM talk stations. For me, it's only NPR at 89.3FM and KPFK at 90.7FM. NPR is the pits of course, Illuminated propaganda from dawn to dusk, so it's just a matter of how long can I stand it before I'm forced to go back to listening to John & Ken or classical music. Most FM stations are music and more than half of them are in Spanish. The only remaining classical music station in southern California is 91.5FM, KUSC. Thank God we have at least one refuge for civilized humanity. I become so calm by listening to 91.5 that I tell myself I should just stay with it all day long, but my curiosity to hear talk radio often wins out.

WiFi Dangers
I posted an article yesterday that emphasized the dangers of using a Smartphone.

The Health Risks of WiFi Devices Such as Smart Phones Are Being Willfully Ignored by Millions. Are You Among the Damned? (Dec. 20, 2014)

I thought it would get a lot of traffic, but when I checked my web site statistics this morning, I got a very low hit rate. Same thing when I posted it to Before Its News. Usually, I'll get 5,000 or more hits on the first day if it's an important subject, but I only got about 100 hits on the smartphone article.

The low interest in learning about something that's going to affect the health, fertility, and longevity of millions of people in the not-too-distant future, is only matched by the skyrocketing interest in obtaining one of the fascinating microwave poisoning gizmos for yourself!

I just read an article that reported 56% of all adults in the United States are now using a smartphone, up from 35% just two years ago. And in the 18-34 age range, 80% of American youth use a smartphone over the lowly "dumbphone," previously identified as a cell phone. World wide, 281 million smartphones were sold this year, up from 218 million last year. The article said that 95 million Americans don't have a smartphone yet, but they expect that number to dwindle by 20-25 million next year. Yes sir! We are we going to have a clambake of Biblical proportions. I thought the cell phone poisoning toll would take 20 or more years to show up in large numbers, but I can now see that the much greater amount of microwave radiation exposure absorbed from smartphones will cut that gestation period down to 10 years or less, depending on how vulnerable you are healthwise.

I don't know how many people will be reading these words, so I may only be talking to a handful, but consider it a Christmas gift from me to you: If you are using a smartphone, you need to realize that you are being silently poisoned with high energy, electromagnetic radio frequency fields of very short wavelength (microwaves) that are causing damage to your cell walls, your nervous system, your DNA, and to your reproductive organs. The amount of microwave energy that is being transmitted and received by a smartphone is equivalent to the amount of microwaves coming off a cell tower. Don't believe me? Get a German high frequency readout meter and see for yourself. The first symptom may be super sensitivity to any sort of RF field which means you can't sit at a computer without your nervous system going into overload, or even stand under fluorescent lights. Or your first symptom might be a brain tumor or diabetes or cataracts. The cardiovascular system is depositing calcium and cholesterol all over the place to try to block the damage to the cell walls. Much more information can be gleaned if you read the above article and the associated documents and graphs. Do yourself a favor and listen to the audio recordings and become informed.

Christmas is just 4 days away. I hope amid the last minute scurry to buy gifts, you remember that Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth. The birth of Christ marked a huge leap forward in humanity's soul journey towards union with God. Christ was a wonderful teacher who helped people realize that love, forgiveness, and kindness towards others are the most important things in this world and that all other concerns will work themselves out and be in ample abundance to provide for all your needs, if you but keep that flame of faith, hope, and charity burning in your heart.

By the way, the only correct salutation during the Christmas season, is Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. All others are strictly of Marxist/aetheist origin and are intended to separate you from your connection to Spirit and God.

Forgot to mention: Happy Birthday Joe, my lifeong buddy.


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